Even more intense....

What they say about it....


The Nutritionists

"A Funky Veggie Ball fits perfectly into a daily food balance! Its contribution of fibre, protein, essential fats, minerals and vitamins contributes to the proper functioning of the body! The Ball and Ball Heart are the ideal way to fill natural gaps without creating frustration. »


Les Boules et Cœurs de Boule are snacks that are gourmet, natural and funky at the same time: "nothing strange inside"! So, we decipher the info and intox 🙂

The Balls are a calorie bomb!

FALSE! For one serving, a ball is only about 90 calories: slightly more than an apple (about 80 calories), but with a satiating and gourmet effect!
The ball is packed with vitamins and minerals, including the winning combo magnesium + vitamin B = ideal to boost you, regulate the nervous system and activate the cocooning effect. It is therefore a satiating nugget full of good things, to do good and recharge your batteries.

The balls are expensive!

FALSE! If our products have a cost, it is because we select quality raw materials.
Indeed, since we do not add any additives or preservatives to our products, it is mainly the quality of the ingredients that allows us to preserve our snacks. The higher the quality, the better the ingredients are preserved! You are therefore guaranteed to eat highly nutritious dried fruit, with an incomparable taste 🙂

One Ball is a lot of packaging!

TRUE! And we are in agreement! Fortunately, our packaging is recyclable: you will find our complete summary on this subject on this page. We are working hard to do even better and improve our impact!

Funky Veggie is a young start-up founded by gourmands who want to give meaning to our consumption

TRUE! We created Funky Veggie to bring 100% naturalness into supermarkets, and democratize gourmet, healthy and funky food. The Balls are entirely Made in France and packaged in an ESAT to promote the integration of people with disabilities. Feel free to take a look at our commitments !